T-REX Mega Kelp

Specially formulated earthworm tea with Ascophyllum nodosum kelp for foliar on seedlings, cuttings and vegetative stages. Made from 100% natural ingredients.

–  Rich in hormones, organic acids, minerals and vitamins from nature.
–  Stimulates cell proliferation and division, resulting in large, fresh green leaves with more branching and stronger stems.
–  Suitable for all kinds of vegetables, herbs and potting plants for cuttings, seedlings and vegetative stages.
–  Can be used as often as needed without nutrition burn.
–  Clean, germ-free, chemical-free.

–  Foliar spray directly on leaves.
–  Can be used without diluted and as often as needed.
–  For Outdoor, spray before sunrise for best results.

–  For Outdoor, spray before sunrise for best results.

–  Spray (0.5 Litres) 200THB
–  Refill (2 Litres) 420THB
–  Refill (5 Litres) 700THB