T-REX Super Mix

Regenerative Soilless growing medium designed to fully support environmental mindful cultivation. Perfectly blended from the best selected natural ingredients.

–  Ready to use for all stages of growth, from seedlings to harvest. Develop directly with countless varieties of cannabis, as well as home garden potting plants.
–  Clean, germ-free, chemical-free, Made from 100% natural ingredients.
No soil, no coco coir, no insect eggs, no pesticide.

–  Bone meal, fish meal, shell meal, kelp meal, humic, neem meal, worm casting, bat guano, compost, mycorrhizal fungi, phosphate soluble microbes, phosphate rock, azomite, dolomite, pumice, peat moss, perlite.

–  Use as a growing medium for all kinds of potting plants from seedlings to harvest.

–  Keep in the shade, out of sunlight, do not expose to water, do not store in a wet place.